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All the pictures are indicative. Some product’s pictures may not represent the real length of the bundle. When bundles of different lengths are represented on the picture, only one bundle of the length selected will be added to the basket with it’s appropriate price.

Hair Bundles

3 Tones Wavy

£64.99£89.99 3TONE WAVY

Hair Bundles

613B Wavy

£44.99£89.99 613B WAVY

Hair Bundles

Brazilian Wavy 8AA

£22.00£59.00 BRAZILIAN WAVY 8AA
£37.99£99.99 BRA WAVY GD 12AA
£28.00£115.00 PERU HAIR TOP G WAVY

Hair Bundles

Pink Wavy

£44.99£89.99 PINK HAIR WAVY